Dan Brown and his Novel Angels & Demons
Dan Brown and his Novel Angels & Demons

Creator Dan Brown was brought into the world on June 22, 1964 and brought up in Exeter, New

Hampshire. He came from an exceptionally affluent family. His dad, Richard G. Brown was a remarkable arithmetic teacher. Mrs. Constance Brown was an expert artist. Dan likewise grew up with two different kin. Dan Brown wedded Blythe who goes with him on his continuous exploration trips for his books. He is presently right now living in New England as a full time author alongside his better half. Different books by Dan Brown included Digital Fortress, The Da Vinci Code, and Deception Point.

The historical backdrop of the original Angels and Demons Join the illuminati for power  in the 1600's the point at which the Illuminati promised retaliation against the Vatican. The motivation behind why they needed vengeance was that the Vatican had removed them from their city for not being committed Christians.

The Illuminati went to stow away in Bavaria where they developed with other enemy of Christ gatherings like Jews and Muslims. This pack of enemies of Christians drove on to new Illuminati, a more dull, strong, and profoundly evil religion. Promising that one day they would return and get back at the Catholic Church.

Dan grew up encompassed by untruthful convictions of science and religion. These convictions gave him points of view that filled in as a motivation for his acclaimed novel Angels and Demons. On one of his exploration excursions to Vatican City he was visiting a little passage where Popes would stow away from the foes known as the fellowship of the Illuminati a.k.a. "edified ones". This sort of fellowship was framed researcher hostile to Christ. Whenever Dan Brown heard that the researcher giving the visit said "current history specialists accept the Illuminati are as yet dynamic today." It motivated him to compose an Illuminati spine chiller.

Holy messenger and Demons is a spine chiller about the fellowship Illuminati's rebound and retribution against their foes. In particular, it is a tale about Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist who gets found out in the center.

Robert Langdon is a student of history who gets hindered by a call from a physicist at CERN who advises Robert to meet some place private. At the point when Mr. Langdon shows up to his objective in Switzerland Kohler the physicist shows him a photo of a homicide. A researcher with the word Illuminati engraved on his chest. Mr. Langdon was asked who he could think the executioner was, since he was a student of history who had some awareness of symbology. Vittoria was the girl of the researcher who had quite recently been killed. She enlightened Kohler and Langdon concerning a mystery project she and her dad had been dealing with, the Antimatter. The Antimatter was inverse to issue making a major blast assuming it connected with anything including air.

The Illuminati snagged this Antimatter for the explanation being that they needed to demonstrate to the Catholics that life could be made just of science. Mean while back in Rome the conference political race for the new pope, was occurring. Expecting that the Antimatter would get to Rome and obliterate Vatican City, Langdon and Vittoria went on the quest for the Antimatter. The late pope's chamberlain got a call from a man who professes to be from the fraternity Illuminati letting them know that their four favored cardinals would have been killed. Individually the Illuminati began killing the cardinals etching the words earth, air, fire, and water on their chests. Langdon and Victoria were on the executioner's path, however each time they drew near it would be past the point of no return.

Each killing drove on to a sign about where the following would be. At last, Langdon

had found the executioner who referenced that there would be one final homicide and that

the head of the Illuminati would do it without anyone else's help, and afterward Langdon kills him. Kohler flew in from CERN to meet with the chamberlain. Kohler was the head of the Illuminati who was there to kill the chamberlain, yet rather the chamberlain engraved the Illuminati sign on him and killed Kohler. Chamberlain was going towards the Antimatter which lied under the Sistine sanctuary. Taking everything into account Chamberlain took the Antimatter and flew up with it until it detonated in mid air and no peril happened to any other person in the city.

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